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Who can enter his or her profile?
The database is open to all the members of the SEVAL. Non-members may also enter their profile as well. As a non-member please inform yourself about the respective costs below.
Evaluators for commissioned evaluations and evaluation commissioners from different backgrounds, e.g. private sector, public administration, NGOs or Universities, may enter their profile.
Please take into account that the database consists of individual entries. Evaluators working in the same institution or firm have the option to link their profiles.

How to proceed to enter your profile?

1.        You need to contact us first by means of the contact form.
2. Then, you get your login and password by email.
3. You enter your profile. As soon as you have entered your profile, the secretary's office is automatically contacted in order to validate the profile.
4. Finally, the secretary's office puts your profile online and from then on it is publicly accessible in the database.

How to update your profile?
The login and password allow you to update your profile anytime. The SEVAL regularly sends out a call for updating the profiles.

Public character of the database
Please keep in mind that there are currently no restrictions in place with respect to whom might search the database. The database is public and might be consulted at any time over the internet.

The SEVAL declines any responsibility with respect to the information given in the profile and the services offered.We reserve the right to refuse dubious demands.

A collaboration between the Swiss Evaluation Society and the Federal Office of Public Health's Evaluation Management & Resource Centre (CCE).